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The More You Know About Alpacas the more you'll love  them!

We have 7 AOA registered Huacaya girls and one male cria (baby alpaca).  Alpacas can either be  Huacaya (fluffy) or Suri (long haired) breed.  We shear once a year, usually in April.  We collect the fiber for yarn and crafts and the girls stay cool in our hot, humid summers.  Your handmade products will be 30% warmer than sheep wool and you will feel like you are in heaven!  The softness is amazing!  Alpaca fiber does not have any lanolin, making it hypoallergenic and a perfect choice for anyone with allergies to sheep wool.  Other benefits include odor resistance and  it's naturally water resistant,  It is the perfect choice! Watch for our store to go live in November!!

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